This program also displays the two biorhythms. Setting the date, touch the appropriate date, please specify in the dialog box that appears. (You can specify the date, from 2037/12/31 till 1990/01/01) by clicking the green button next to the date, a date display today's date, and date of birth to clear can be. Biorhythms are displayed, proceed by clicking the button, or continuously display the date by one day, you can forward or backward. Also, at the right end "button switching" and click, you can display a graph created by the sum of the two. Note that these graphs, the period of their birthday and (body: 23 emotions: 28, Intelligence: 33 days) and just looking for the simple calculation, and represents the affinity of two persons does not mean. KW: Biorhythm Couple Couple biorhythm

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