Voidz Collection Zooper Skins

The "Voidz Collection" zooper skins pack is a ever growing collection of my zooper skin creations. Instead of making a whole bunch of apk's for each style of widget I have decided to make 1 apk and constantly update it with new designs. It will start at the low price of $1.50 and as the pack grows so will the price, so make sure you download it now at the lower price and let the widgets add up over time through updates! *You must have Zooper Widget PRO installed to use this application!! * All widgets are designed on a 5x8 nova grid and with a 5x2 zooper template..For the full screen widgets, start with a 5x2 zooper template and then resize it to cover your entire screen, then load the widget and scale to fit if need be.. If you are confused on how to scale the widgets properly, shoot me an email and I will gladly help you get them looking right on your screen! Please rate and comment if you enjoy the application! Thank you!

应用大小::43 MB  
价格: $ 1.83  
排名: 4.79