Toddler learn to count

ExplanationThis game is suitable for 2-3 after children! With a variety of the most simple way to learn to write count! Just click on the screen so that children can learn to count in digital, but also to explore the joy of learning. This operand simple game is designed for kids and the young minds of the little finger design, kids can enjoy endless inside counting fun!Simple gameplay, easy to learn French, and simple wording to mobile digital control to learn math and science to write the numbers 1 through 10, each number is easier to remember.The children do not have to face the complicated menu, click, they can go directly to the joy of learning in the world. Parents can go to the game settings, adjust the difficulty and speed of learning for children, including:+ You can choose to have the child count the starting number and ending numbers (from 1-10) difficulty+ The third unique feature lets children click on any digital mobile numbers on the right position, let the children remember the numbers. And allow the children to find joy in learning!This section has a variety of games to count children play and learn ways to make it easier for children to learn math, good exercise the child's interest and learning tour interesting double combinationEach time the game with a live version of pronunciation teaching children the standard pronunciation, let us begin to learn to count it Fun! Today your children now?

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