I Hate Call Reports

DESIGNED FOR SALES MANAGERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS WHO OVERSEE OUTSIDE SALES STAFF, THIS APPLICATION PROVIDES INTELLIGENT SALES CALL REPORTS WHILE AUDITING YOUR SALES STAFF'S TIME AND TRAVEL EACH DAY.Fact: Most sales people hate filling out call reports. This application produces intelligent daily sales call reports.After each call, launch the application and record the contact information. Then simply answer several multiple choice questions designed to help qualify contacts and direct the sales process intelligently. Of-course you can add notes and edit your answers anytime throughout the sales day. At the end of the day- simply hit the SEND REPORT button and your boss will get a completed call report that is nicely formatted and with excellent data that is easy to read and analyze. Call reports are cumulative and report the most recent 30 days of reports.As a manager, you will come to love this application. Built into each report is both a time stamp audit feature as well as a GPS audit feature. Each report clearly shows the time of each sales call. Additionally, a red or green indicator is revealed confirming whether the sales person was at the address listed when the call report was filled out. These time and travel audit features are powerful tools to help improve your sales team's productivity and efficiency. COMPATIBILITY:Works on Android DevicesDIRECTIONS:1. Download file.2. Install file (if you have a previous version you must uninstall that version first...BE SURE TO SEND THE LATEST REPORT BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL AS ALL DATA MAY BE LOST)3. Launch Application and click the NEW CALL button. Follow on screen instructions.4. Advance through screens and answer questions as prompted5. You can review and edit your daily calls by selecting TODAY'S CALLS. Select the call you wish to edit. Changes are automatically saved.6. SEND REPORT: You can send our new call report at anytime and you can send it many different ways. Email is the most common method. The first time you use this feature the application will ask you for a default email address. Usually, this is your sales manager or business owner. Whatever address you put in this field will be the default address in the future. The next time you send your report as an email, you will go directly to the email page with the address already inserted. You may add or delete addresses anytime (be sure to always include yourself in any distribution of your call reports).READING THE REPORTS:Reports are emailed as a spreadsheet. The calls are organized into 5 sections1. AUDIT INFORMATION- This is information about each call and confirms the date, time and location the sales person entered the sales call record.2. CONTACT INFORMATION- This is the basic contact data and can easily be exported to other database programs.3. SALES OPPORTUNITY INFORMATION- These are the answers to the multiple choice questions and are designed to provide managers with a clear picture of the best opportunities for winning immediate business as well as the next steps in the sales cycle.Developed by TECHGENE4. RATING INFORMATION- The information in this section is designed to provide a quick numeric ranking and reference for identifying a sales persons highest value prospects and probability of winning business.5. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION- Well we couldn't think of everything so this section includes notes directly from the sales person regarding each sales contact.Keywords: Ihatecallreports,I Hate Call Reports, Call Reports, reports, Reports, Marketing, Representatives, Excel, Manager, Management, Organization, Hate, Customer, Care,Reporting,today reports,meetings,sales,Sales ReportsPlease provide us feedback as we are absolutely eager to make this tool as helpful and streamlined as possible. You can email us at ihatecallreports@gmail.com.Developed by TECHGENEwww.techgene.com

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