Team Meeting Timer

Let’s declare a war on inefficient and unproductive team meetings! START TRACKING MEETING TIMEThe revolution is started by, employee progress reporting software.********************************************************Did you know that professionals lose 31 hours per or 4 word-days a month to ineffective meetings, costing $37 billion to US businesses alone? What is more, Most of busy professionals (89%) believe that technology will make meetings easier in the future.********************************************************Download Team Meeting Timer app to stop wasting time at team meetings. Team Meeting Timer is a free app that helps you easily track time spent on team meetings. Take the control and make time tangible. Take control and make the most out of your (precious) time!If you lack Steve Jobs's courage to ask the least important person at the meeting to leave. Or if you don’t possess Donald Rumsfeld’s physical strength to hold standup meetings, then this Team Meeting Timer is the next best thing to take lead of your meeting time.TEAM MEETING TIMER FEATURES- simple design and easy to use- free unlimited time tracking for everyone- quickly know how much time is remaining to motivate you to stay productiveHOW TO USE THE TEAM MEETING TIMER APP1. Tap on the face of the timer to set its length2. The countdown starts automatically3. Timer offers valuable tips to improve your team meeting4. When the timer runs to 0, stop the meetingWith Team Meeting Timer you can reclaim your time and reinvent staff meetings.

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