Done by Weekdone

Done by Weekdone, built on Weekdone API (, extends your Weekdone experience. To use it, you need a Weekdone account, which you can register at Use it for a quick and pretty overview of your current week's "Plans/Todo" items and quickly mark them as "Progress/Done" with an intuitive swipe. For the full-featured Weekdone Android app please refer to new todo items at the top. Tap an item to edit. Swipe right to delete. Swipe left to mark as "done" / "not done". Tap and hold to reorder. Shake your device to reload. Just like Weekdone, it is based on the concept of "weeks" (configurable at You can access your past items, likes, comments and more at https://weekdone.comThe Weekdone API ( is open for anyone to extend Weekdone with any custom add-ons, widgets or applications. What can you build with it?

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