Security Pro Free

►►►► Security Pro Free ◀◀◀◀◀ Security Pro is a comprehensive utility mobile application for Android, loaded with conventional features for user handiness. It will provide you with plenty of features that will enhance the security of your device as well as your own good self. Key Features • A complete Utility Android Mobile App • Multiple features packed in a single app • 4 MB Universal Build • Provides safety to your Android with Screen Lock, Loud Alarm, Phone Security, etc. • Assists users in Emergencies with features like SOS, Torch Light, Siren and Compass • Professional Functionalities like Alignment Balancing & Currency Converter • Supports Retina Display feature • Suitable for Android Mobile and Tablet devices with Android 3.0 and above The incredible features that you get in Security Pro are: ► Table Top Security (With Password & Alarm Function) ► Pocket Security (With Password & Alarm Function) ► Back-light functionality for your device camera ► Password secured screen and loud alarm for security ► SOS light for emergencies ► Flash ► Front flash light ► Bubble Balance for measuring surface evenness ► Color Picker with RGB Slider ► Police Siren with Light Effect ► Compass ► Hooter ► Currency converter With all the astonishing feature of Table Top Security and Pocket Security, you will be able to protect your Android even when you are not around or carrying it in your pocket. Other features like SOS, Back light, Front Flash, Police Siren, Hooter and Compass will protect you in several unsafe situations. ************************************************************************************** So, don’t wait! Secure your Android Mobile and Tablet with this Free Security Application Download Now. Free for limited time only! **************************************************************************************

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