Forest Fun

★★★★ FOREST FUN ★★★★Recommended Age: 4 Years +Forest Fun is an addictive, Fast-paced, Mind-concentration Puzzle game that anyone can pick up and play, and enjoy. Your goal is to match more and more animal pairs and send them to their happy home before it is dark. The more Animal pairs you match, the higher your score climbs.The objective is simple in Forest Fun, earn the highest score by matching cute animal tiles fast and accurately. The game is introduced with three difficulty levels to challenge your Mind-concentration and speed.Forest Fun has a simple game play mechanic that hooks player quickly, becoming more difficult and challenging as they progress through the game. With 3 modes and an increasing difficulty level for each mode, there's always a chance to achieve a higher score.KEY FEATURES:• Designed for everyone. It improves concentration, speed and mind-power of player along with its healthy fun.• Animals get randomized with every new start of game level.• Animals jump happily to their home if you make correct attempt.• Challenge yourself with 3 different difficulty levels to achieve the highest score. Each level increases your chance for a higher score.• Try to match all tiles accurately as fast as you can to get 100 % score, if you dare.• Unique storyline that gives feel of a forest environment.• Unlimited replay for all levels.• Status Area shows attempt, missed and game progress at a glance.• Animals make their sound when you make correct attempt. • Unique cheat feature, which displays hidden animals for few seconds based on difficulty level.• High score is awarded if you are fast and have good concentration.• Excellent sound effects that give it a real forest feel.• Player get stars based on the score and performance.Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook: Subscribe on Youtube:

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