BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo

BluePiano automates data-entry. This keyboard wedge injects captured Bluetooth SPP data into arbitrary apps: the data appears as entered manually. This new input method provides a soft-keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity. It captures data from external Bluetooth SPP / Bluetooth RFCOMM devices and forwards the received data automatically to the edit field of the active app. BluePiano works with all Bluetooth SPP devices. Special Android-enabled bar-code scanners are not required (please note: HID devices like external Bluetooth keyboards are NOT supported). A few application scenarios: bar-code scanning with external Bluetooth barcode-scanners (e.g. with the Motorola/Symbol CS3070 Bluetooth scanner), data collection with Bluetooth-enabled medical devices, generic data acquisition tasks with scales and gauges connected via a Serial-to-Bluetooth adapter. BluePiano is easy to use, lost Bluetooth connections can be restored via a special key on the keyboard or via the notification bar (configurable in settings). For backup purposes BluePiano is also able to scan barcodes using camera barcode scanners (either with the built-in or an external camera scanner app). English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew, Serbian Cyrillic and Russian keyboard layouts are available. SECURITY: This App does not require Internet or SMS permissions. Your data is safe - spying/phishing/keylogging is impossible. FULL VERSION: A paid version without demo-limitations is available in the Android Market. All features are identical. Just search for Apps published by TEC-IT.FREE SUPPORT: In case of problems, questions or feature requests please contact (E-Mail/Skype). You may also give us a call. TEC-IT is located in Austria (time-zone GMT+1).KNOWN PROBLEMS: Some earlier Android handsets are using buggy Bluetooth firmware and SPP communication may not work reliable. You will see SPP errors in the Bluetooth Device Manager of BluePiano (long tap on the ?123 key of the BluePiano keyboard). The following procedure may help:- Switch of Bluetooth and stop all related apps- Reboot handset- Switch Bluetooth on- Re-pair with your device- Use BluePianoMany THANKS for your comments and ratings!

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