Bluetooth & TCP/IP Terminal

============= Bluetooth & TCP/IP Terminal ================Bluetooth & TCP/IP Terminal is the terminal emulator via Bluetooth, WiFi or Ethernet to serial port profile communication. The portable Android devices can connect with the remote Bluetooth devices supporting Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) or TCP/IP which will exchange data with them bidirectional.[Features]1. Support Bluetooth Serial Port Profile, SPP or TCP/IP network2. Displays sent and received data3. Displays log data in ASC II or Hex format4. Send, Edit or Delete the file from the file manager5. Save the log data in the internal memory6. Send the data with CR/LF code7. Support 7 data bits transmission[Option]1. Bluetooth to RS-232/422/485 adapter2. WiFi to RS-232/422/485 adapterRemark: 1. Unlimited quantity of the data flow version.2. The evaluation version with 3K limitation. 3. The APP will be customized the UI or protocol for remote control or data collection applications.

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