Countries and cities

Cognitive game designed for children and adults , and allows not only fun, but at the same time develop your memory, as well as geographical and mathematical knowledge . Has 8 levels of difficulty mode and the manual, which can be used as a Russian - English-Swedish dictionary offline geographical names of countries and cities .The handbook contains information on 206 countries and 370 cities around the world ( the capital , flags, area , population) . Test game has 100 countries and 100 capitals. There is a convenient search in alphabetical and random order ( for any string ), and sorting mode countries and cities on various parameters ( name , area, population , population density , the mainland ) in ascending or descending order . It is possible to show the selected country on the map (online - Internet connection required )Provided for maintaining the list of favorites ( add and delete) .There is an additional menu to change the background color of the application , change the language of the program (by default - the system language ) , order, sort , get help and information about the application .Works on all models of phones and tablets running Android 2.2 and above.

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