Geo Flags Academy

How many country flags and capitals do you know? Test it now and learn new ones with this addictive and fun game!The most entertaining way to learn flags and capitals is finally available on the Android platform!• great 3D HD graphics with ultra-detailed flags• no ADs at all• enthusiastic, mostly 5-star reviews with an average star rating of 4.5 on various platforms• even preschool kids can enjoy the quiz as the country names can be read aloud• includes a timed mode for hardcore players in which you need to act blazingly fast• very clean design, a real eye candy• 196 flags and capitals to master• earn medals for recognizing 50, 100 and all the flags or cities in every game mode"Love it! <3 Helps me learn country flags and capitals. Keep up the good work =)""Excelente para los niños y adultos muy buen juego conoces las banderas y practicas ingles" ("Excellent for children and adults very good game you know the flags and practice English")Try it now and see how fun it is!

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