Writers and books

Cognitive game designed for children and adults, and allows not only fun, but also at the same time develop your memory, as well as literature knowledge. Game has 8 levels of difficulty mode and the manual, which can be used as a Russian - English-Swedish dictionary offline names of writers and books.The handbook contains information on 150 writers around the world and 400 books. (Free version contains 60 writers and 250 books)There is a convenient search in alphabetical and random order (for any string), and sorting mode writers and books on various parameters (name, country, date of birth, date of death, lifespan , Nobel laureates) in ascending or descending order . It is possible to show more information about the selected writer or book (online - Internet connection required)Provided for maintaining the list of favorites (add and delete).There is an additional menu to change the background color of the application, change the language of the program (by default - the system language), sortorder, get help and information about the application.Works on all models of phones and tablets running Android 2.2 and above.

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