Mosquito Kill (Free Version)

Kill IT is an excellent and highly addictive Android Game suitable for every age group. Kids youth and seniors can equally enjoy this game.Graphics and game play is loaded with different images of different qualities which is dynamically loaded by the Optimized Game Engine to enhance the user experience even the game runs smoothly on the Android Emulator.The target audience is welcome for any observation/suggestion. The power of Thor Hammer has also been included to boost up the killing power of users and to introduce it to those who are unaware of the nuances of its majestic powers.How To Play1. Game has three different types of mosquitoes, White, Green and Blue.2. Upon Touch(a) Blue Mosquito (most difficult to kill) will turn green.(b) Green mosquito will turn white.(c) White mosquito will be killed and turn black. 3. When hammer will be touched it will create blast and will kill all the mosquitoes in canvas.4. Difficulty of game increases with every kill. Suggestions and reviews are going to be source of motivation and improvement for us. Kill It Features:- Graphic quality is optimized automatically according to your cell phone - Perfect for every age group- Highly interesting and addictive-Improves level of concentrationKill mosquitoes and clean the environment 

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