Lots of people have such experience that it's very tedious to extend their English vocabulary. It is especially true for people that are Non-English. Wordsplit shall give you a fun way to do it.Wordsplit splits every English word into two parts according to its syllables (If a word has more than 3 syllables, it will always be grouped into two parts as I thought it would be too difficult to link more than 3 parts into a word. This is just a fun way for players to memorize words, with little or no stress!) The parts would be dropping like raining from the sky.Features:1. Players touch falling drops to link them into complete words2. Players also can look up the explanations of linked words by touching them anytime3. Hold screen to pause parts falling down4. When game ends, players can browse what words were gained and missed5. Choose dictionary from menu(Difficulty level and number of words in the dictionary)6. Choose speed of game7. play history management8. look up words from the chosen vocabulary (serve as a mini dictionary)What is going to be added:- refine score calculationsPlease Rate and Comment!

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