Drunken Kicker

> Over 100 5-Star Reviews!> Fun, Addictive, Challenging & FREE!> Combines Football & Drinking – What Could be Better?USER REVIEW: “If you like football and drinking, and who doesn't, this game is for you.Play some ball, drink some beer, that's the life. Just make sure you don't barf on yourown shoes and you're good to go!”***About Drunken Kicker***If you’re a football fan who can’t get enough of the beautiful game, and if you’re abeverage lover who enjoy a sip or two (or ten!) every now and then, then you’re going toLOVE Drunken Kicker! It’s FUN, ADDICTIVE, CHALLENGING & FREE!***The Epic Back Story***A crowd of 60,000 delirious fans are screaming with anticipation, as YOU stand in thepenalty area, awaiting only the referee’s whistle before taking a penalty shot that couldwin the championship. The noise is deafening, the flashbulbs are blinding, and the goaliehas ice water in his veins. There’s only one problem: you’re smashed out of your skull!***Can You Send Your Side to Dreamland?***Knowing what’s at stake, you must therefore deftly control your movements -- with a pintof beer in hand, of course -- and attempt to score the triumphant goal that sends yourside into dreamland.HoweverCalas, once again alcohol wins the day! Instead of kissing the grass ingratitude and relief after scoring the championship goal, you groggily wake up to realizethat the pristine grass turns out to be dirt, and the fans are no longer cheering: they’relaughing.***Practice Makes Perfect!***Don’t lose heart! Keep practicing and you’ll increase your “stumbling distance”, whichgives you higher points. You can also share your failures with the world, compare yourprogress with other users, and keep practicing until you’re perfect. And even if you don’twin the day, remember: the fun and hilarious journey is your reward!***Amazing Sound, Graphics & Gameplay***Drunken Kicker also features outstanding music that perfectly matches the app’s style,vivid graphics and artwork, and simple, yet addictive and challenging gameplay!

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