The Little Bug Challenge

Bugs have been a huge disturbance for everyone. Especially kids who are very much scared of them. But what if the kids can learn from those bugs. The GameCastor brings a perfect game for children where they can play many different games with harmless bugs along with completing different tasks which will help them to learn many important basic things that the children must know in their childhood. This amazing game features a variety of entertaining challenges for kids where they have lot of fun besides just learning.Features: 1) The game consists of 19 different levels. 2) These levels include different challenges, tasks and fun filled games. 3) A help given at each level to show how the game is played 4) You can share your score with friends on facebook. 5) You can play an additional 6 mini games for extra fun and entertainment. 6) An easy and fun to play game which will leave you wanting for more.

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