Battleray Armies Beta

Battleray Armies is a strategy game at which the player assumes the role of a captain of a army in a distant future. A mysterious alien race called Shadows built huge supercomputers in the colonies of the Orion Alliance. Military hackers were trained to access these computers, collect their data and try reveal the purpose of the shadow towers.FACTIONSORION ALLIANCEWas founded when humanity made the first contact with an alien race known as Phantoms. Combining their knowledge with they were capable of create the first stellar gate what made the Alliance the most powerful force in the known galaxy until the attack of shadows.ZAMORIAN EMPIREThe zamorians suffered for many years because of the overpopulation of their planet. When they were contacted by the Alliance, they hoped that the space colonization could save their people. But the mankind feared a uncontrolled expansion of the zamorians and offered little help.After the shadow war, the zamorians could obtain technological artifacts from the remains of the enemy ships and by reversal engineering created their own stellar propulsion. Once that they did not need the Alliance stellar gates, the zamorian empire started a war against the mankind aiming to be the only force to control the space travel.MACHINE LEGIONWhen the shadows attacked, they revealed a great skill of corrupt computer system that let the Orion Alliance fleet defenseless. The phantoms presented a project of an artificial intelligence that could deactivate the shadows systems and end the conflict peacefully.The generals of mankind decided to exterminate the shadows and converted the A.I to be used in their most advanced starfighters. The cybernetic unit was able of defeat the shadows but disappeared after the final battle.Years later when the war between the mankind and the zamorian reached catastrophic levels the l machine legion came and by the force made the biological beings take a defensive stance before they exterminate each other.CAPTAINSLandford: Alliance hero that fought in the shadows war and first human to travel faster than light without the use of a stellar gate aboard of the Battleray starfighter. The space travel still not safe for the organic life without the use of gates, but Landford managed to survive to ten jumps between the planetary systems under the control of shadows and destroy their mothership. An achievement that almost cost his life.Bork: After the battle against the shadows, Bork was sent for missions with the objective of gather all fragments of shadow technology possible. When the first starfleet of the Zamorian Empire was ready to combat, he was choosen to lead the attack to the human colonies and expand the empire frontiers.Dlinia: Chief of the phantom engineer team that developed the A.I. created to defeat the shadows. She was exiled when the A.I. was out of control. But her 'children' received her with open arms since the phantoms and the legion of machine have the same goal: the end of war.UNITSArmored: soldiers with heavy armor that fight in the front line. An armored unit only can attack other unit types after defeat all armored units of enemy.Support: Heal the resistence of allied units. If the resistence of an unit reaches zero, he will be unconscious for three seconds and then will be removed from battle.Artillery: Have the greatest fire power, but low resistence. Can attack any enemy unit, even if exist an armored unit in defense.Hacker: most important unit in game. The battle ends when the hacker collect 100% of shadow data. The other units must protect the hacker while him access the shadow tower.

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