Dust Experiment

This Dust Experiment is combination of creativity and minimalistic graphic so you will enjoy problem solving, lots of new elements is game such as Turbo, Bounciness, Gray Areas, Mazes, Ninja stars...At start u can just draw but as Dust Experiment go on, new elements will show up.#First Gray areas - Places where u can't draw#Second Turbo - Place where Dust gets lot of energy in some Direction#Third - Line Upgrade Bounciness - U can set bounciness of your lines#Much more of little elements such as Mazes, Ninja Stars ...#Next elements Coming up in next updateWanna be Level Designer button - Just send me email with level and I will put it in game in next Update. How simple.In Dust Experiment are regular Updates every ~ 3 weeks so u will never be outdated,Currently are in game 3 Worlds with logic levels but every update will add one new world with logic levels. Just by playing our logic game your brain will get better and better.As a bonus u will use left part of brain for logic and experiment solving.But u will also use right part of brain for creativity.Trainnig your brain and having fun has never been easier. In this experiment we found huge scientist potencial. Because it is not experiment like others. It is Dust Experiment.Icon by https://github.com/aleciveIcon license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

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