Orion Colonies

In Orion Colonies the player take the role of a leader of a colony in a distant world. Manage the resources to produce energy and improve the welfare of the citzens is the key to increase the prosperity of the colony.There are 90 cards that represents the colonists of the three main factions that the humanity have contact. Can you complete your collection and reach the status of the most powerful colony of the galaxy?Basic instructionsAfter create your colony, you will be sent to the colony map.When a radio wave shows up over a building, tap it to open the building panel. Tap the welfare button to send resources to this building.Sending resources to a building raises the welfare of your colony, that gives you more maximum energy reserve. Repeat the process until your maximum energy reserve reaches 50.Tap the big central building in the colony map to open the command center panel.In command center panel, choose a mining, research or diplomacy task.Complete tasks until you get 50 energy, then go back to command center panel and tap the album button to buy cards.Complete guide-> http://www.battleray.com/colonies/gameguide.php

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