Car Games For Kids

It's time for some great fun with these great car games for kids!So if you want kids car games for toddlers then this set of car games with free download is for you!These kids car games for toddlers will provide hours of fun and learning for your child.★★★Features:★★★★ Interactive Car Engine Noises and SoundsThe first pit stop in these car games for little kids are the fun sound cards. These easy to use interactive sound pages allow you toddler to tap and listen to sound effects of cars and also words will be spoken to them. It will be sure to delight children of all ages.Let them honk the horn, hear the engine roar or even turn on the wipers in the rain!★ Car Memory gameThe next stop is a set of memory games featuring cars, tires and road signs from around the world! These car games for kids are designed to help with your child's memory skills, recognition skills, vocabulary and language and fine motor skills.★ Car PuzzlesThis next stop on this fun highway is the engaging and fun puzzles. Each puzzle stars a cool car. A selection of levels means even you parents get to give it a try! These car games free for 4 years old and younger, with difficulty setting for older kids.★Fun CamYour child can take a picture of themselves in a variety of car related images. Awesome fun!Have a great time on the highway of fun playing with the car games for kids and let your child have fun while learning through play with a DigiMechanics app!

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