EcoTimer - Battery saver - PRO

This is an app that can save 70% of your battery, controlling your internet connections.Pro version, with autostart depending of your battery's percentage (%) and also the pro version can detect if you are using the WiFi or your mobile data (3G|4G) and then control your internet based on which you are currently using.When you turn off your screen, EcoTimer turn off your internet but after some intervals it switch on your WiFi or 3G|4G (you choose), so you can receive updates, notifications, message from your friends. Give it a try, this app is used in over 50 countries, beacause it is usefull and simple.= Known issues =Dual chip support is not standard on Android, this is added by the manufacturers, so the control of the Mobile Data (3G|4G) may not work on some DUAL-CHIP devices.

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