New York Fishing Maps - 14K

New York Fishing Maps includes links to over 14,000 fishing Lakes, Rivers, and Reservoirs in the State of New York. Each fishing location can be searched by name or by selecting a county and reviewing all lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and even wetlands in the area. Features:-Complete library of over 14,000 fishing locations (lakes, rivers, reservoirs and wetlands). The app also includes location links for islands, waterfalls, dams, bays and harbors.-Fishing locations are searchable by name, or easily retrievable by clicking a county to see all lakes or other features in this geography.-Save a lake or river on your favorites list for easy access to your favorite fishing spots. -Create a journal entry for each fishing experience at a lake, river, stream, reservoir or wetland (swamp).-Can't remember a lake name, the app allows you with ease to review all lakes, rivers, reservoirs or swamps for counties in New York.-Want to share your fishing experiences with your fishing buddies, with one simple click you can email or text (SMS) lake or river details with GPS data to friends.This is a must have app for all fishermen and fisherwomen who love to explore the great waters of New York (NY).

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