Fly Tying Fishing Patterns Pro

Perfect app for beginner and pro fly tyers! Download Fly Tying Fishing Patterns Pro and watch step-by-step photo tutorials on your phone or tablet and learn how to tie almost every fly tying pattern - from the easiest to most difficult ones! Learn how to tie different fly patterns adjusted to each type of fish and every water condition. About 100 fly tying photo tutorials!Different flies for different water conditions: dry, wet, nymphs…Dry flies patterns – Flies designed to float on the surface of water!Wet flies patterns – Designed to sink below the surface of water!Nymph patterns – Designed to resemble the immature form of aquatic insects!Emerger and bug patterns – Made to resemble the emerging insect leaving water surface or adult terrestrial bugs!Streamer patterns – Flies designed to represent some form of baitfish!Salmon and steelhead patterns – Traditional flies designed specifically for Salmon species!Pike and bass patterns – Designed to resemble small mammals, birds or bait fish!Saltwater patterns – Designed to represent a wide variety of saltwater prey!This app has almost one hundred tying instructions, fly patterns and information on fly tying tools and materials!Fly tying is a science rooted in careful observation of fish and their prey, and then designing and tying artificial flies to replicate that prey to catch fish. One of the first and foremost of these efforts was by Preston Jennings, in his classic: A Book of Trout Flies.Hand-tied flies on the commercial market retail from less than a dollar to several dollars each. It is a challenging and rewarding hobby for some, a money-saving strategy for some fishermen, and a profitable commercial enterprise for the professional tier. Almost 100 highly detailed step-by-step tutorials with photos of each step!Fly tying instructions, patterns and advice on how to choose the right threads, hooks and feathers, and other tying equipment including hairs, furs and other body and tail parts!Effective tying patterns for every “fly fishing” specie!How to tie: dry flies, wet flies, soft hackles, emergers, nymphs, terrestrials, bucktails and streamers, bugs and much more!Freshwater patterns: trout flies, bass flies, pike flies, salmon flies, and more!Saltwater fly patterns: bonefish flies, tarpon flies, and more!Perfect app for beginners, but even the most experienced fly tyers will learn something new and discover new patterns!Great for modern-day tyers as well as the ones that prefer traditional techniques!Tying material can be anything that is used to construct a fly on a hook. Traditional materials were threads, yarns, tinsels and wire. Today's materials not only include all sorts of natural and dyed furs, hair and feathers but a wide array of synthetic materials. Rabbit, mink, squirrel and other furs, deer, elk, moose hair and chicken, turkey, and partridge feathers were and still are commonly incorporated into artificial flies.Bored of “fishing games”? Get Fly Tying Fishing Patterns Pro 2013 Android app and become the best fly tier in the world!

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