NRT_Airport Navi

Narita International Airport's official smartphone application, NRT_Airport Navi. The application provides flight search information, displays airport maps and facilities and supplies shopping and other essential information to our valued customers. By simply registering a flight number, departing passengers are automatically advised of any gate or schedule changes on the day of departure. NRT_Airport Navi has been designed to meet the needs of the individual customer. This indispensable airport aid shows the user's location within the terminal and is equipped with an experimental navigation function which guides the user to their desired destination. This is part of ongoing proving trials using indoor location information technology. The application also incorporates designs that reflect images of the world at large and its skies which add to the unique international atmosphere of the airport and the excitement of travel. Be sure to take advantage of this useful tool. ■ MY FLIGHT/Flight Search & RegistrationSearch flights for up to 3 months from today. Register your departing flight to set an alarm to go off 40 minutes before your departure time. The gate number will be displayed on the day of your flight and you will also receive push notifications on any gate and schedule changes. The application displays a countdown until the scheduled departure time along with beautiful pictures of Narita Airport presented as a slide show. ■ FLIGHT INFO/List of Today's FlightsCheck international flights arriving and departing at Narita International Airport today. You can also check terminals and gate numbers from the flight details, and register flights in MY FLIGHT.   ■ MAP NAVI/Terminal Map Display, Present Location Information and Terminal Navigation Display a map of the terminal. When inside the terminal, you can also check your present location and receive directions to destinations within the terminal, or use the AR function via the camera on your smartphone to check which way to go. ■ GUIDE/Terminal Facility Search Search for facilities and shops at the airport by category and obtain detailed information.

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