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Get 'Fly Tyer Fishing Patterns Pro' app and learn how to tie highly effective fly patterns for every fly fishing specie! This app is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced fly tyers! Follow photo tutorials with tips and instructions and learn how to easily make all types of fishing flies!About 100 fly tying photo tutorials!Different flies for different water conditions: dry, wet, nymphs…Dry flies patterns – Flies designed to float on the surface of water!Wet flies patterns – Designed to sink below the surface of water!Nymph patterns – Designed to resemble the immature form of aquatic insects!Emerger and bug patterns – Made to resemble the emerging insect leaving water surface or adult terrestrial bugs!Streamer patterns – Flies designed to represent some form of baitfish!Salmon and steelhead patterns – Traditional flies designed specifically for Salmon species!Pike and bass patterns – Designed to resemble small mammals, birds or bait fish!Saltwater patterns – Designed to represent a wide variety of saltwater prey!“How to fish” and tie flies? Fly tying is the process of producing an artificial fly to be used by anglers to catch fish via means of “fly fishing”. Fly tying requires some basic equipment, the appropriate materials for the fly pattern being tied and a pattern to follow or replicate. Tying equipment enables the fly tier to efficiently and effectively assemble and secure the materials on the hook. Flying materials were originally limited to various furs, feathers, threads and hooks. Today there many different types of natural and synthetic materials used to tie flies. Fly patterns represent the ‘recipe’ required to create the fly—what hook size(s) types to use, what materials are to be used, what colors, in what sequence and by what methods are they assembled on the hook. Freshwater patterns: trout flies, pike flies, salmon flies, and more!Saltwater patterns: bonefish flies, tarpon flies, and more!Modern and traditional techniques!Fly tying instructions, fly patterns and information on tools and materials!Tips for choosing the right threads, hooks and feathers, and other equipment including hairs, furs and other body and tail parts!Patterns for most famous flies which are proven to be effective on many locations and under all weather conditions!Flies have been named to honor or celebrate fellow anglers: Royal Wulff, Jock Scott, Quill Gordon, Adams. They were also named to describe their color and composition: Ginger Quill, Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear, Partridge and Orange. Some of them were named to reflect some regional origin: Bow River Bugger, Tellico nymph, San Juan worm. In some cases they were named to reflect the prey they represent: Golden stone, Blue-wing Olive, Pale Morning Dun...Download Fly Tyer Fishing Patterns Pro, the most amazing 2013 android app for anglers, and become the best fishermen in the world!

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