Northampton Fire Service

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service introduce their new mobile application based on the work we currently undertake with the local community in Northampton. We are responsible for dealing with numerous incidents, but this application focuses on fire safety in the home. We have developed this application to educate members of our community as to the hazards present in everyday life and how to combat fire hazards. The app consists of an interactive game-based environment which allows you to identify and answer questions about fire safety in the home as well as a few games thrown in! The application will also provide you with a range of advice and tips to identify fire hazards in the home as well as detailed information on what hazards to look for and how to ensure you are safe in your home. App Features include: • Multiple Games to teach children basic fire safety in your home! • Photo Gallery with some our appliances and current work! • A whole range of advice and tips to help prevent fires and keep you safe! • Up-to-minute details of incidents we are attending! • Contact details of the organisation!

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