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Wikids, The Encyclopedia That Talks To Kids!Nearly anything can be explained to young kids in 80 words (30 seconds friendly voice). Wikids features text, narration, images, and sounds, presents knowledge in context and is designed for independent discovery.------Try it now and your child will have access to 10 entries for FREE!----Let your kids explore the fascinating world of outer space, the human body, musical instruments, and much more! Each of the 120 entries provides a satisfying and enriching experience that broadens children’s horizons and keeps them interested. Wikids encourages independent discovery and nourishes the desire to know. Before you know it, your kids will tell you how nerves send information to the brain, and that some pipe organs have more than 1,000 pipes!******Wikids is 100% kids safe, with no ads and no distractions.*****This Wikids app contains the following categories:• Space• The Human Body• Musical Instruments• Occupations• TransportationFeatures:- 120 exquisite entries to broaden your child’s horizons. - High quality narration, imagery and sounds.- Kids can navigate by category or by the ABC.- All entries are interrelated. For example, if your kid explores "Brain", Wikids will also suggest the entries "Heart" and "Nerves".- History feature that lets your children see all their previously viewed entries.- 100% safe, clean content.- Ad-free.

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