Encrypted messaging Encrypted storage All POWERED BY A CARRIER GRADE - CLOUD BASE- NETWORK. How safe is your medical and financial information, your instant messaging with family or business associates, or even your email? LaVoult’s carrier-grade, cloud-based encryption ensures private messages, documents and email stay private, and it provides secured communicate between intended participants. Whether on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, lock your files in LaVoult. Archives are never left on devices, and you can access your information anytime, anywhere. Features include: •Privacy: Stay connected with family, friends and business partners without fear of prying eyes •Mobile-to-mobile communication •Mobile-to-desktop communication •Desktop-to-desktop communication •Encrypted messaging, data storage and email •Flexibility on Windows and Mac computers, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad •Secure document storage and retrieval from any web-enabled device •No records or archives left on devices •Time limit, delivery confirmation and auto-delete options for text messaging •30-day free trial

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