Social Sweepstake

Host and create Sweepstakes on the Results of Sporting Events with your friends, family, teammates or co-workers.SOCIAL SWEEPSTAKE is quite simply the best, simplest and most fun way to host Sweepstakes on the Results of any sporting event, like Football, Horse Racing, Motor Racing, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Cricket and much much more.This awesome FREE app allows you to easily create Sweepstakes on any sporting events from around the world Social Sweepstake comes pre loaded with all the most popular sporting events.With the Social Sweepstake app installed on just 1 phone you can run a great Sweepstake with your friends, the User simply chooses a sporting event then just add family, friends or co-workers, the app will randomly draw them a team and save the results, all that’s left to do is watch the event to see who the lucky winner is. (Only the User requires the app, all ‘friends’ enter via the Users app)Social Sweepstake is exactly the same as an old fashioned results Sweepstake where teams are selected for your friends by being drawn out of a hat but now its in app form, saving you the need to cut out bits of paper and keep a copy of the selections, the app saves all the event selections for you & emails the results to your players... saving you time and effort and allowing to enjoy your favorite event.Play and create multiple games there’s no limits, for a small in app purchase you can also customize the app to easily create your own Sweepstakes for local, less mainstream events, so anyone in any place can have fun with the app.Events are always being added and updated with the latest teams, competitors and schedules so Social Sweepstake is always useful whatever the event and country.Install it for free and see for yourself how simple it is to use and how exciting it makes your favorite sporting events!Best of all Its free

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