***************************************** THIS IS A COMPANY PROFILE APP ONLY FOR CONTACTING THIS COMPANY INFORMATIONAL ONLY ******************************************* EXECUTIVE HOSPITALITY is the leading provider of superior corporate entertainment facilities exclusively to the Masters Golf Tournament, in Augusta, Georgia each April. Careful attention to every detail and a track record serving many clients for many years ensures you and your VIP guests the experience of a lifetime at this remarkable event.Seven years ago, our owner found that if we concentrate just on the Masters, we could be the ones giving the best service—we could be the experts in Augusta. That’s what we wanted to be. As a property owner in Augusta, he has forged relationships within the local real estate and hospitality communities to find the most desirable accommodations and dedicated employees. An avid golfer himself, he has developed friendships to secure customer tee-times at many of the championship golf courses in Augusta just before, during and after Masters Week.Contact us today so we can begin creating a custom Masters Experience for you. WHY CHOSE EXECUTIVE HOSPITALITY FOR YOUR TRIP TO THE MASTERS? Year around, our full attention is on the Masters. We have 15 years working within the Augusta community to provide the only five-star Masters experience. Executive Hospitality is completely committed to the Masters and does not divide its attention or risk its capital at other sporting events. The owner of Executive Hospitality has purchased two blocks of land where the Azalea Green hospitality facility is located. Long standing relationships with Masters Patrons results in the highest level of security and dependability for obtaining the required badges. From the moment you arrive in Augusta, until you depart, we cover all the bases. Personal chauffeurs drive you everywhere During the day when you are hungry, thirsty or just tired, you can take a break at our exclusive Azalea Green property—nearly one acre and just outside the entrance to the National. Here, you enjoy lunch, hors d’oeuvres with the drink of your choice and watch the tournament on high definition TVs so that you don’t miss a thing. Azalea Green is your “rain insurance.” During inclement weather, our clients relax indoors meeting like-minded golf enthusiasts or discussing business with clients. Our exclusive award-winning caterers create meals of distinction. Our on-site service team utilizes the same Augusta resident personnel every year, offering an unparalleled level of local knowledge and warm hospitality. We securely store your cell phones, cameras and Masters gift purchases that you have made. We provide unprecedented access to all local championship golf courses. All guests receive a welcome package of useful information on how to best enjoy the Masters, helpful tips on protocol, and other key advice – the ultimate “Masters Survival Guide.” Executive Hospitality maintains a speaker’s bureau of golf players and personalities available to attend and speak at corporate functions while in Augusta.

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