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*****************************************THIS IS A COMPANY PROFILE APP ONLYFOR CONTACTING THIS COMPANYINFORMATIONAL ONLY *******************************************WHY DO WE NEED AUTOMATIC GAS SHUT OFF VALVES?Without an automatic gas shut off valve installed, the only way to turn off the gas supply to your home or building is to know where the manual shut off valve is located. You must have the proper tools, knowledge and strength to turn off the gas. It only takes a few minutes for the leaking gas from a ruptured or disconnected gas line to create a devastating fire or explosion. Automatic gas shut off valves protect you family and property whether you are home or not, 24/7. These valves are constructed to activate and shut down gas flow to a non-hazardous level, which will avoid the possible dangers of gas being released into your home.Protect your home and the people in it with an automatic gas line shut off valve. With years of experience installing gas safety valves, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. We install valves throughout San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Ramon, and other neighboring cities around the Bay Area.Who We AreFor over 12 years, MB Services has consistently and safely installed more than 20,000 automatic gas shut-off valves on meters throughout California. Our process is streamlined and affordable. Years of dedication, study, and attention to detail has helped us develop and perfect multi-step systems that insure a perfect installation. Our customers consistent referrals say it best!What We DoOur courteous and professional staff will assist you in choosing the appropriate valve and procedure for your project. Our specially trained technicians will show up on time, and walk you through the installation process. Once the valve is installed, he will do a system check of all your gas appliances and relight the pilot lights. Before leaving, he will check again for any leaks at the meter and completes the process by taking a picture of the installation, which is emailed to you by our office staff along with the invoice for your records. We also take care of the permit and processing, when applicable.

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