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*****************************************THIS IS A COMPANY PROFILE APP ONLY FOR CONTACTING THIS COMPANY INFORMATIONAL ONLY*******************************************Too often, businesses silo their content. Meaning, they write content for a specific medium or platform, such as an email campaign or a web page, and never post that content anywhere else. They use it only for that one specific use. The business is never able to get the full, positive effect of that piece of content, no matter how few words it may be.Hoopla Connect helps you leverage content across numerous outlets to help you maximize your online exposure.When it comes to writing and distributing content, Hoopla Connect does it all for you. All you have to do is decide where you want to publish it. And we’ll take it from there.In just a few clicks, you can expand your reach exponentially in just minutes.It’s amazing the number of people who end up finding your content and wherethey find it – from Online Communities to your Website to your Mobile Appto Social Media and much more. Content plays a vital role in helping your business increase its online exposure.That’s because search engines LOVE quality content (the key word being “quality”),and Hoopla Connect delivers.Sign up to Hoopla Connect and start leveraging your content across multiple outlets.

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