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*****************************************THIS IS A COMPANY PROFILE APP ONLY FOR CONTACTING THIS COMPANY INFORMATION ONLY*******************************************WelcomeAt Tech Life Support, we began our company with the idea of providing superior online computer support and managed service solutions to businesses and home consumers, using the best practices and technology in the industry, for the least cost. Our mission is to change the IT support industry for the better, by bringing high-quality work, amazing customer service, and using next-generation tools to bring you savings.Great peopleWe pride ourselves on using skilled technicians with years of real-world experience. Our engineers and technicians have resumes reflecting work in a wide variety of environments such as local computer repair stores, networking technicians, phone support representatives, network monitoring specialists, and even defense contractors building systems for the Department of Defense. We don’t hire folks to read a knowledge base and waste your time. Each technician on our team brings real expertise and enthusiasm to our business, and thus to you!Amazing Customer ServiceYour computers are tools and need to work for you. When they don’t your technology support vendor needs to get your tools back in your hands quickly and with respect for your time and business. Each customer is important, whether you have 100 employees or simply do things yourself. We know that our customers rely on us to solve their problems so they can stay on task, and we treat no request as frivolous.Modern Tools for Greater EfficiencyWe’re a technology company and we use technology to the best effect we can. We use online remote support, which allows one technician to work many more problems in a shift than one could over the phone. We use hosted services for our internal processes and accounting, removing costs of maintaining servers for internal work. We also use virtual office telephony and remote access for our team, allowing us to work around the clock, many of them out of their homes, reducing the need for large facilities and providing several backup representatives in the event of network outages. And of course, lower costs for us means lower prices for customers!

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