Cubey Sphere (Lite)

Cubey has 'volunteered' for some simulations to help his partner make a game. The first step? Being transformed into a sphere.Help him through 20 challenging levels (60 in the full version) by rolling around using your tilt controls to dodge all kinds of weird projectiles. Don't forget the two Endless modes, Steady and Frenzy, for infinite fun (not really infinite in the Lite version).Enjoy all the spherical, cubical, 8-Bit-y, chiptune-y, nonstop action today!-20 increasingly-challenging levels (60 in full version)-Endless Steady mode (limited in Lite version) -Endless Frenzy mode (limited in Lite version)-Radical sprite-y graphics (still radical in Lite version)-Gnarly chiptune music and sound effects (still gnarly in Lite version)

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