Ditty Memory

I return, I memorize and I link together the funny pairs of rabbits, sheep, shepherdesses and other heroes of my favorite nursery rhymes. And the more I progress, the more the sound clips of the nursery rhymes come one after another in quick succession. And the higher my score is. Ditty Memory is a short fast-paced game designed for male and female players who are lively, impish children. Its ergonomics and graphics are perfectly suitable for children aged 3 to 7. • The illustrations are by Philippe Jalbert, children’s illustrator and author.• Music : Xavier Santamaria If you like this game, discover the version for adults: Mime! Always at Appicadabra.*About Appicadabra - Quality apps for kids * Appicadabra is a French app publisher for children. Our job : To produce attractive, easy to use apps, rich in content. We are a team of creatives (writers, illustrators, musicians, actors) and multimedia professionals (script writers, animators and developers). Games, nursery rhymes, activities, stories... Appicadabra always has an app to suit your child! © 2015 – All rights reserved - Mediatools and Mediatools authorsGo to Google play and Facebook, type in “Appicadabra” and find our apps.

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