Free Video Call & Voice Apps

Make voice calls and video calls from your mobile for virtually free. Use this informational app guide to learn about using mobile apps to make FREE voice calls and video and cheaper international calls. Make cheaper calls to and from India, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, USA or anywhere else in the world.You may already know of voice and video calling apps like Viber, Skype or Google+ Hangouts (Google Talk) but there are many more voice and video call apps which include a variety of great functions. Functions such as cheaper international calls, group video calls with your friends and more. We've made a list of Android apps that can help you save money when making voice calls, video calls and international calls. You could even make calls for FREE.We're constantly resourcing the best apps to help you do things cheaper or better yet for free.Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with companies mentioned in the app. This is purely an information app and we make no representation as these companies. [This app is funded with ads]

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