One Cool Thing

It’s a simple promise: One cool thing delivered to you every day. Cutting-edge technologyAmazing photosNew discoveries No matter what it is, we promise that it will be cool. The One Cool Thing app comes to you from the editors of The Michigan Engineer magazine and the University of Michigan College of Engineering -- one of the top ranked engineering colleges in the world. Content in One Cool Thing is not limited to research from Michigan and includes stories from every corner of the world -- anywhere revolutionary technology and innovation lives. In addition to the main feed, you’ll also have access to other great content: Posts from LabLog (cool research -- as it happens)Updates from Visual Adventures (amazing photography from Michigan and beyond)Stories from The Michigan Engineer magazinePics from I <3 A2 (pics in and around one of the coolest cities in the world)Feed from Some Cool Apps (other great apps we recommend)Plus, share cool content on social media.

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