AMIZONER (for Amity Students)

AMIZONER specializes in 'Attendance Monitoring & Planning' for Amitians. That includes your time table, your courses and a few additions of my own to make sure you never lose out on what's really important! )This application was made as my practical training project (5th Sem) for the students of Amity University. ⇨ THE GOOD:The screenshots are good enough but here's the description if you're interested. ✔ ATTENDANCE With a click of a button, the day's marked attendance will be shown on a single page, that too sorted according to your timetable. (There's no longer the need to waste time or energy searching each and every course to see if you've been marked present.) ✔ AUTOSYNC - BE NOTIFIED. ALWAYS. If enabled, your app will sync ONLY when your attendance has been marked by the teachers. It will not sync otherwise, sparing your net from unnecessary downloads. Accordingly, if you've been marked absent, you'll receive a status bar notification informing you. ✔ MY COURSES & TIME TABLE Everything that Amizone has to offer, with a better user interface and some colours. We do love colours. (Each colour represents a danger level, similar to that of a Traffic Light) ✔ TO BUNK OR NOT TO BUNK? Let the app help you make that decision (We don't want anyone getting debarred now, do we?). It calculates how many classes you can afford to miss or need to attend to maintain your target percentage. ✔ USE IT OFFLINE. It needs internet only to Sync and update the amizone data stored on your device. ✔ NOTICE BOARD Easy access to your Amizone Notice Board. Quick Syncing and Offline storage for the same. ✔ DOWNLOADS Easy access to your Amizone Downloads. Quick Syncing and Offline storage for the same. ✔ See attendance logs of days you attended/missed course-wise. ✔ Store your Teacher's Cabin No. ✔ Easy 'Log Out' Option for Guest Login. ✔ Movable to SD Card ✔ Light-weight (hardly a MB of space) ✔ Minimize Syncing Process and auto-refresh on completion. ⇨ THE BAD:I'll mention them early so you know what you're dealing with. ✖ The Amizone Syncing process is a bit slow. Then again, it parses 20 pages from and analyzes it. I do intend on making this faster, but for now, bear with me. And that's the only con I can think of!You can 1) Minimize the Sync to run in the background. 2) Choose between Partial (Faster) & Complete (Slower) Sync.⇨ THE END:Looking for an SMS or EMAIL based alternative? Check out Amizone Alerts @ http://www.amizonealerts.inI use Google Analytics to track any crashes or mishaps but it'll still help me out if you send Error Reports. So go ahead, try it out, and give me your feedback. ✉ Contact me at, Attendance Planner for Amitians by Amitians

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