Express yourself freely with your friends, without worrying about being judged or about potential consequences.Skywall is a place of liberty, where you can anonymously share your jokes, pictures or moods of your everyday life with your friends. i) Only your friends receive your posts, without knowing which of their friends has posted it,ii) All posts are deleted after 15 days. However, for each post received, your friends can try to unmask its author. Don’t worry, if your post is unmasked, the successful guesser only gets kudos, since your name (as the author) is NEVER formally associated with your content (= your name never appears above your content). With this “guessing" game, authors of posts are never 100% guaranteed to remain fully anonymous. This reduces risks of bullying and ensures that everyone uses Skywall in an appropriate way. The perfect platform to share a moment with your friends without consequences. Enjoy!

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