Music Droid Remote

Turn two Android devices into one music player server and one remote control! Hook the first device up to a loud speaker and then remote control the playback of your favorite music player app. Music Droid Remote works from Android to Android - all you need is them connected to the same Wifi network. This can be done through a wireless router or with one of the devices set up as a Wifi hotspot. ==Instructions==1. Install the app on both devices2. On Server device: start playback on your favorite music player app, e.g. native Google Music player. Then start Music Droid Remote as Server and note the IP address and port number.3. On Remote device: Start the app as Remote and type in the server IP and port. Press Connect.4. When connection is established, control the playback and volume remotely on Server. Enjoy!==Features==-Play/pause, next/previous track, volume up/down. -Track info from some players.-Beta: Start third party applications on Server device, this enables switching of players remotely. When adding apps you need the package name, which can be found in App section in Settings on your device or in the URL of the app at Google Play. The performance of Music Droid Remote differs among Android devices/versions and third party music apps. Download and try different ones until you find one that works for you (Spotify and native players would be the safest bet though). The next section describes found compatibility issues. TIP: If you experience trouble with switching apps or unwanted players starting, try to manually close those before running desired app.Please email any additions to the list or suggestions for us to improve Music Droid Remote!---------------------------==Compatibility== (App run as music server:)# Samsung Galaxy 2, Android 4.1.2 #Google music - problems found. Spotify - problems found. You may need to activate Device broadcast status in Settings to activate track infoRocket player-Does not show track info for now# Sony Xperia Z Tablet, Android 4.2.2 #Google music - problems foundSpotify - problems foundSony Walkman - doesn't work, use Stop instead.Tunein Radio - tunin.player-No problems found# ZTE Blade, Android 2.2 #Only Server mode is supported. We experienced key press issues when device was going to sleep. Try disabling sleep mode on Server running Android 2.2.Google music -It seems to be issues when Google music app is in focus. Try going back to Music Droid Remote instead before using Remote client.Tunein Radio -Only volume control seems to work

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