The zero-project Ring Kit Pro

The zero-project Ring Kit Pro allows you to create musical playlists and assign these as your phone's main ringtone or as the ringtones for specific contacts.To make life even easier for you, this sophisticated ringtone manager comes with an excellent selection of 31 atmospheric ringtones by zero-project.UsageImagine you have a number of albums in different folders on your phone. With just a few button presses you can assign an album to be the ringtone playlist for one of your contacts. Now when you get a call from this contact, a song from the album will play. When the same contact calls again Ring Kit Pro retrieves the second song in the playlist so that over time as you receive further phone calls, you'll hear each of the album's songs.A tutorial describing most of Ring Kit Pro's features is available at seamlessly with Android so that you can: - assign a default ringtone playlist or - set up playlists for individual contacts. - see at a glance the playlists that are assigned to your contacts.Enables you to create and edit multiple ringtone playlists by: - adding to a playlist one song at a time, - scanning a folder on your phone to add multiple songs and - reordering your music using drag 'n drop.In addition to the features listed above, Ring Kit Pro allows you to: - randomize a playlist's order, - configure the number of times a song is used as a ringtone before assigning a different track either on a per-playlist basis or across the app as a whole, - export the bundled zero-project tracks for inclusion in your own playlists and in other apps, - smoothly upgrade from the free Ring Kit app, retaining all your favourite playlists and ringtone assignments.If you have any suggestions or bug reports please feel free to e-mail me.CreditsAll of the bundled ringtones are samples of tracks in albums that have been released by zero-project ( ) under the "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License" ( )

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