Quote Widget Firefly

In honour of Firefly’s 10th anniversary and for all the Browncoats that need their Firefly/Serenity fix, this is the app for you. Quotes from the episodes and movie will update hourly. All you have to do is add the widget to your home screen.To change the image: Click on the image, a screen will popup, select a new image.How to add to home screen:Home --> Menu --> WidgetsIf you like this app please leave a review.The Story Behind the App:Quite simply, this is an app I designed for myself. I wanted to share it with all Browncoats in the hopes that a Firefly/Serenity fix will put a smile on your face and perhaps make you chuckle."I don't care I'm still free you can't take the sky from me." (The Ballad of Serenity)

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