Khanda Live Wallpaper

Khanda/Ek Onkar Live WallpaperAn interactive Khanda/Ek Onkar Live Wallpaper with your choice of background colour.If you like this app please leave a review.To Use: Long press on the home screen --> select Wallpapers --> select Live Wallpapers --> select Khanda Live Wallpaper The Story Behind the App:Inspiration hit me with the Sakura Live Wallpaper. I loved the movement, falling leaves and overall design of the app. The development of this app was challenging to get it the way I envisioned. I wanted simplicity, colour and depth. Hopefully you will enjoy this wallpaper as much as I did developing it. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!Search Text: sikh, sikhism, ik onkar, ikonkar, ekonkar, punjabi, gurmukhi

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