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Greetings previous and new users of this app. Presently I am in the middle of a move for a job and haven't been able to tend to this app regularly. It seems some updates to 8chan have caused a lot of bugs, which I will address when I find the time. Sorry for any inconvenience these crashes might have caused you. Premier 8Chan app on the Google Play Store, bringing the site you love browsing to your fingertips. Features: - Board management tools- Infinite page scrolling- Phone and Tablet focused interface- In-line image expansion- List of your favorite boards- Ability to open thread from site link- Board favoriting- Cool theme- Small team managing app (just me)- Ongoing development to create the best app possible- And more!Thanks for checking out my first release of this app. I have many planned updates coming in the near future. Namely the ability to reply to posts and in app post focus. Please leave feedback on what you think of the app in the comments or my GitHub and let's bring this app to its full potential. Infinity Browser GitHub:

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