Chalkboard Buggy

The universe needs YOU! Enlist today and destroy space bugs. It’s your duty!‘Chalkboard Buggy’ is a delightfully simple shooter that’s fun to play and easy to navigate. A little space adventure through deserts, glaciers, caverns and more!Captain your chalkboard moon buggy through 7 levels of changing rough terrains. Collect ammo and energy boosts to stay one step ahead of your enemies. Demolish burdensome bouncing boulders, shoot down calamitous comets before they hit the ground and open lava pits, and exterminate those missile-releasing space bugs!Features include:- Bright, hand drawn graphics in the style of children’s chalkboard drawings- Side-scrolling shooter based on old school 80’s retro games- Drive, jump and destroy through 7 unique unlockable levels- 6 awesome weapons with an invincibility power-up- Multi language support including English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese- Made with love by Hey TopherFor the geeks:- Real world physics using Box2d physics engine- Developed using Corona SDK

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