Manner Keeper Lite

Changes Restore point in time while the smart phone's silent vibration application, which protects aetiket automatically. The free versionUser Manual.Tap the Options button on the main screen to add, delete and preferences set to display 24-hour, continuous modes change, termination haldae, the default sets.  - When pressing more than 1 second If you need to modify the specified time.  - If you need to delete the menu key (menu key next homki) to the options menu and then select delete.  If you need to add the top of the menu, or press the menu key to add.Add registration after the specified time and day of the week, and change the mode selected according to the specified time mode automatically converted.Deleted via the list of options from the screen after you press the button, and then select the list you want to delete and press the Delete button.

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