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With the Business Analyst Online (BAO) Mobile app you can quickly and easily get key demographic and market facts about any location worldwide. It’s the perfect tool for business professionals who need to evaluate an area on-site, as well as a fun way to get the lowdown on any neighborhood.BAO Mobile answers three crucial questions about a location: * What types of people live there?* How does it compare to another area?* Is it a good fit based on your needs?This app requires access to the Business Analyst Online (BAO) web application which includes an ArcGIS Online subscription. If you do not already have a BAO subscription, you can get a free trial ( The BAO Mobile app is only accessible to Business Analyst Online web application subscribers. Subscribers to Business Analyst Online can simply download the mobile app and log in to get started. The BAO Mobile app uses the same authentication system and updated content as the web application so subscribers will have a unified experience across devices. Features available to subscribers: * Log in with your BAO web app credentials* Access global content and reports* Get up-to-date facts about the people at a location – e.g. age, income, education, home ownership, lifestyle, spending habits* Compare one address against another or against the region such as state or province in which it is located* Share facts about a location with others * Access key global facts for any location, allowing for quick comparisons of locations within a country or in different countries* Instantly determine if a location fits your needs with the Smart Map Search* Choose detailed PDF reports about a location* Change analysis area from 1-mile radius to any sized area up to 100 miles or a 60 minute drive time * Collect data on a location (photos, videos, and facts like lot size and number of parking spaces)* Access additional maps and map layers shared by others with ArcGIS Online or your private Portal for ArcGIS

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