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* Preview version *The easiest way to share your car, cab or any other vehicle.Jump in Jump out ridesharing saves you time, money and the environmentGet into your car, select destination, share.Start by sharing your trips with your friendsFirst share the app with them so that they can download it.. When you are going somewhere, just create a trip.Now invite your friends to this trip by selecting their names.The app takes care of everything from here. It will notify them that a trip has been createdWhen they click on the notification it will show where you are going.Once they 'join' your trip it will tell them when you start movingThen it will notify them when you are about 2 km away (1.3 miles)You can see them on a map and so can theyThen they just wait on your route and 'Jump in'No setup, no pre-planning required. Then app is location based, dynamic and context sensitive to do all the work for you..Our intelligent trip matching algorithms will figure out who your are prospective passengers are, notify them and help them join your trip.The advanced notification system, will alert the driver and the passenger when the driver starts moving. No need to remember to press any buttons or do anything elsePassengers will get notifications when you create a trip, when the driver starts moving, as the driver nears the passenger, and when the driver approaches the passenger. Voice and sound alerts for driver to avoid distractions when driving. No looking at the app multiple times to see what is happening with the ride for the driver and passenger. Increase your pool size by forming groups of travelers clustered around the same trip source and destination addresses. .Choose your comfort levelConservative - Share only with friends in your phone bookCareful - Share with friends and known groupsAdventurous - Share with friends, known groups and make new friends by sharing with strangersSave money and get faster rides as compared to Uber, Lyft, OlaFrom the makers of SmartShehar

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