Trekking maps of Trentino are simple, OFFLINE (no need for mobile network coverage), GPS maps, that transform a mobile device into a GPS navigation device Their concept is unique because it combines the achievements of traditional cartography with advanced technologies. They are characterized by variety of highly optimized functions. They are extremely easy to use and fit for users of all ages. FEATURESThey are combination of cartographic skills and technology!ACCURACY AND READABILITYUnlike our competitors who's maps are mainly generated automatically, we have invested much effort creating our mapsThey are made in the traditional way, with a use of various mapping skills and paying attention to detail.Maps are clearly organized and adapted to walkers, cyclists and other nature lovers of Trentino.EASE OF USEThanks to the elimination of unnecessary features, we have achieved an optimal solution:MAP - COMPASS, quickly and easily without the use of unnecessary buttons and options that are used only at times.

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